Mind. Body. Soul.

Everything Is Connected! Since winning the final rose on ABC’s “The Bachelor,” I’ve been dedicated to exploring the mind.body.soul connection. Through all of my years as a Certified Health Expert, I have come to fully understand how the brain and the gut (known as the ‘second brain’) are literally connected to everything -- including our mood and our ability to function optimally.

I love all things nutrition, brain health, fitness, spirituality and mindfulness, because in my experience, these are the core pillars to living our most abundant life.

If you’re looking to improve your physical health, mental health and start living your very best life, then you’ve come to right place!

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The Buzz on Estella

“One thing I love about Estella’s classes is the variety of exercises she incorporates. Even on a daily basis she switches things up so I am constantly challenged. Estella has also helped me navigate some joint issues and pain speaking from her own experiences. Her workouts are gentle on the body but tough on the muscles! I highly recommend her classes!”

Autumn Weidman

“I can not say enough great things about Estella and her incredible strength training/Pilates workouts. They are always extremely challenging, concise, fun, full of energy, with great music. You can accomplish exactly what you need in 35 focused minutes. She reminds you and guides you to always watch your form and she is an excellent motivator. If you want to see positive changes in your fitness level and overall your overall physical appearance...you will not be disappointed! She is precious, humble, and kind!

Domenica Schultz

“I have been training with Estella for over a year, my strength has greatly increased. I have her to thank for it. Estella shows up and gives her all and is incredibly present. Her intuition in body weight resistance training is the best I have encountered. She can get you to burn muscle out so very quickly, honoring strength and flexibility. She is encouraging and positive, the workouts are fun, challenging, and energetic. Stay with it and the toning results are instant.”

Nicolette de Saint-Armour

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